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Mdm Ho graduated from Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution in 1991. She has 20 years of experience. Mentored by Tian Chang Ying and Zhang Shu Fang and has frequent appearances on television programmes and libraries to explain Child Tui Na and prevention of myopia. She was also invited by TV stations to share her clinical experience of using Child Tui Na to cure autism.

何桃女医师简介:1991年毕业与新加坡中华医院。 从事小儿推拿已经20年。师从田常英和张淑芳。 曾多次在电台和图书馆讲解小儿推拿与防治近视眼。去年底受邀请到电台介绍小儿推拿治疗自闭症的临床体会。