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Short Sightedness Preventive Therapy Treament

  • A child is like a young, growing plant. Physiologically and pathologically, the child is different from the adult. Hence, Child Tui Na in terms of nature and techniques are different from adult physiotherapy.
  • In treating a sick child, the therapist uses her hands, employing various physiotherapy techniques on the acupuncture points of the child’s limbs and body, to achieve recovery.
  • If necessary, physiotherapy is augmented by herbal treatment.
  • Clinical practice shows evidence that Child Tui Na is effective in treating a wide range of illnesses, such as flu, fever, asthma, cough, food avoidance, crying at night, diarrhoea, and impaired growth.
  • Preventive Child Tui Na done weekly or monthly can improve a child’s health, increase immunity, prevent him from catching the common cold and increase his appetite.
  • Preventive therapy on a child’s eyes can prevent the development of short sightedness and aid its treatment. Physiotherapy on the acupuncture points of the head and eyes, together with exercising and relaxing the eye muscles, can strengthen eyesight and prevent eyesight deterioration.


  • l  小儿象一株幼苗,处在不断生长发育过程中,不论生理或病理都与成人不同,因此,小儿推拿的内容与手法。也和成人推拿有所不同。
  • l  当小儿患病时,医师只需要用双手,运用不同的手法,在小儿的四肢或身体适当的穴位进行推拿,就可治病。
  • l  病情需要时,配合药物治疗,可促进康复。
  • l  临床实践证明,小儿推拿对一般小儿疾病都有一定疗效。如:感冒,发热,哮喘,咳嗽,厌食,夜啼,腹泻或发育不良等。
  • l  每周或每月进行保健推拿,能改善小儿的体质,提高抵抗力,预防感冒,增进食欲。
  • l  眼部保健推拿能预防及改善少年儿童的近视眼。通过对眼及头部穴位的推拿,锻炼并放松眼睫状肌及轮肌,恢复眼睫状肌调节视力的能力,从而有效地改善视力,防止视力再度下降。